How To Make Gelatin Sheets

How to make gelatin sheets? For the most part, gelatin is a natural product from animal raw materials that contain collagen. Its main purpose is to thicken liquids. Likewise, it creates a solid texture.

Let’s get started!


01 5 tsp of Knox powdered gelatin

02 2 ounces of cool water, about 57 grams

03 One drop of liquid food coloring of your choice, optional

Before anything else, pour two ounces of cool water into a shallow dish.


Then, evenly sprinkle your gelatin powder over your cool water. Afterward, allow your gelatin to bloom for about five minutes.


After that, microwave the shallow dish with the bloomed gelatin for about thirty seconds.


Then, stir using a spoon. Also, microwave the gelatin mixture for another fifteen seconds.