How To Make Dark Red Icing With Food Coloring

How to make dark red icing with food coloring? Getting the right shade had always been a considerable challenge, especially for beginner bakers. Food colorings usually go by primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue; getting the shade you want would rely on the skills and techniques you will use.


Please make sure the icing is at room temperature before blending it.


Place the vanilla icing in the mixing bowl, add the red gel food coloring, and mix using a rubber spatula.


Drop in the brown gel food coloring and fold in so that the color will mix; make sure not to create air so that there will not be any air bubbles when piping.


When the color is too light, gradually add 1/16 tsp of brown food coloring until the right color is achieved. If the color ends up darker, add a tablespoon of icing to lighten until the desired color is acquired.

TIPS AND TRICKS When dealing with icing, it is better to use gel or paste food coloring than liquid because too much liquid can alter the icing’s consistency. If you use too much, you will end with sticky and sloppy icing.

How To Make Dark Red Icing With Food Coloring