How To Make A Two Tier Cake Without Dowels

Making sure you know how to make a two-tier cake without dowels is essential in baking. Keep in mind that height adds to the cake’s aesthetic. However, it should require a firm foundation that every baker needs to learn. 


Prepare the cake and supplies.


Grab a thick cake board for the bottom tier with a diameter of at least two inches bigger than the bottom tier cake. Then glue the bottom tier cake to the cake board using frosting or icing.


Keep in mind to evenly coat each layer with frosting; doing this strengthens the cake’s structure since you will not use any dowels for support.


Paste frosting on the middle of the bottom tier cake before placing the top tier. Remember that the top tier’s cake board is at the same diameter to overlap.


Clean the corners of the cake with an angled spatula after stacking the cake. Design accordingly. 

Regardless of the number of cakes you are layering, it is ideal to have at least a 2-inch to 4-inch difference in a tier. Two-tier cakes are a lot easier to stack when it is fondant because their fondant exterior gives out a sturdy hold than cakes covered with buttercream or frosting.

How To Make A Two Tier Cake Without Dowels