How To Make A Lego Cake Without Fondant

How to make a Lego cake without using fondant? DIY Lego-themed cakes everywhere. But, most of the Lego-themed cakes are fondant.

Let’s get started!


01 4 x600g of chilled white chocolate mud cakes

02 2 pcs licorice

03 One-piece licorice strap

04 One red licorice sour strap

05 200 g of 3D gummy blocks or 200g of store-bought edible 3D lego blocks.

To prepare your buttercream, you will need an electric mixer. Afterward, beat your butter inside a bowl. 


Next, prepare a round cake board and place a small amount of buttercream. After that, place one piece of your cake. 


Afterward, remove the icing from the last layer of your cake. With that, make sure to use a long serrated knife to trim the top layer.


Then, crumb coat the stacked cake with a thin layer of buttercream. And chill for about fifteen minutes until set.


How To Make A Lego Cake Without Fondant