How To Keep Hard Candy From Getting Sticky

Do you want to know how to keep hard candy from getting sticky? Remember that water, even the smallest amount, can result in a gooey mess. Though, you may think that it is impossible to prevent this from happening again and again. There are many ways you can indeed do to avoid this from sticking together.


Essentially, you can coat the hard candy in cornstarch. Bear in mind that cornstarch possesses a remarkably fine texture. In addition to that, it has a great ability to absorb moisture. 



Alternatively, you can use powdered sugar. Likewise, you can refer to it as icing sugar or confectioners sugar. In this regard, powdered sugar has cornstarch to stop caking. 



Keep in mind that sugar absorbs moisture from the air. Because of this, it makes the candies sticky when they encounter water. 


Essentially, hard candies will be at their best for approximately a year. Although, as long as you stored them properly. After some time, the colors and flavors will begin to dull. However, the hard candies will still be edible.

How To Keep Hard Candy From Getting Sticky