How Long To Let Pie Cool

Wondering how long to let the pie cool? Or better yet, how long to cool pie? Before that, remember the filling requires time to set. If you do not give it time to set, the pie will be runny. With that, it is best to bake the pies ahead of time for your celebration. Also, bear in mind that a warm pie does not make for easy slicing.

If your friends and family love warm pies, please cover the pie loosely with aluminum foil. After that, warm in a preheated 300 degrees Fahrenheit oven for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Because of that, make sure to do this before serving.

How Long To Let Pie Cool?

Yes, you can indeed cool a pie in the fridge. But first, ensure to cool the pie at room temperature. Because of that, make sure to do so for approximately thirty minutes after taking them out of the oven.


Before anything else, it would help to keep the ingredients cold. In this regard, you should keep the butter refrigerated. In addition to that, you can store the solid vegetable shortening in the freezer. Though make sure not to freeze it that it becomes hard like a stone.

How Long To Let Pie Cool