High Ratio Shortening Substitute

The search is over for a high ratio shortening substitute! Nowadays, there are many types of shortening, and it consists of any fat. These can be margarine and butter. Besides, it is solid at room temperature. In addition to that, the most popular shortening is vegetable shortening with a hundred percent fat content.


The best thing about butter is that you can use a similar amount with high ratio shortening in the recipe. So with that, if you do not have any shortening on hand, it would be best to use butter. 



It would help to use vegan butter since that are many of it on the market nowadays. In that regard, feel free to use it when you need an alternative for shortening called for in a recipe.



Remember that coconut oil is an excellent high ratio shortening substitute. Besides, it is vegan and has the same texture. Not only that, but also you can swap it in one-for-one. However, keep in mind that it will likely provide your baked goods with a slight coconut taste.



You can utilize margarine to substitute for high ratio shortening in baking recipes. If you have some of it on hand, make sure to add an extra tablespoon of margarine. Ensure to do this for each cup of the high ratio shortenings. 



Vegetable oil is indeed a great shortening replacement, especially if a recipe calls for melted shortening. But, do not use vegetable oil as a substitute for shortening in recipes like scones, pie dough, and biscuits. 



Lard is ideal for recipes that can go savory such as pot pie, savory scones, biscuits, and cornbread. Because of that, lard is an excellent substitute for shortening. In addition to that, lard is a non-hydrogenated fat.


Keep in mind that the hydrogenation process produces saturated fats and trans fatty acids that are not healthy. So with that, please use the closest substitute. Not only that but also a fundamental understanding of shortening is essential. Unfortunately, though, substitutes may modify the texture and taste of the final product.

High Ratio Shortening Substitute