Does Whipped Icing Need To Be Refrigerated?

Does whipped icing need to be refrigerated? Of course, refrigeration is a must since there is heavy whipping cream in it. With that, store your unused whipped cream in the fridge. You can do so for approximately two days. In addition to that, if you utilized it as a cake filling.

Essentially, you can use whipped cream as a filling between cake layers. Please note that it can be an excellent replacement for a more sophisticated frosting. Also, try utilizing it as a decorative finish on different cake slices. Nevertheless, it is best if you store the whipped cream in the refrigerator.


For the most part, buttercream icing keeps exceptionally well when you store it in an airtight container. Moreover, if you put it in the fridge, it will last for approximately a week. Likewise, it can last for about three to four months in the freezer. 


If you like to make extra buttercream on purpose, you should consider a handful of things. Keep in mind that having leftover buttercream is convenient. But, before anything else, what type of color and flavor does not matter. It will indeed have different purposes when you reuse it.


First and foremost, yes, it does expire. In that regard, you should know that icing has a best before date and not a use-by date. It is common for many other baking products. In that regard, make sure to use the icing for baking recipes after the best before date has expired.


Remember, you can freeze whipped cream, may it be plain, unsweetened, or sweetened. Moreover, whipped cream stabilized with cream cheese or cornstarch will maintain its shape better when thawed. That is why it is best to store the frozen whipped cream in a freezer container. Make sure to do this for one to two days.

Does Whipped Icing Need To Be Refrigerated?