Chocolate Frosting With Shortening

Do you want a chocolate frosting with shortening that is great for filling and frosting your cakes and cupcakes? It’s truly light and fluffy. Not only that but also packed with the greatness of chocolate. Likewise, it is easy to handle, so you can easily decorate and frost.


01 8 tbsp of cocoa powder

02 8 tbsp of vegetable shortening

03 1 teaspoon of vanilla

04 1/2 teaspoon of salt

05 8 tbsp of coffee (you can also use water or non-dairy milk)

Before anything else, make sure to prepare a mixing bowl. Then, add the cocoa powder.


After that, pour the hot coffee over the cocoa powder. Afterward, allow it to sit for about a minute.


Then, add the vegetable shortening, vanilla, and salt to the cocoa. 


Afterward, use an electric mixer and set it at a low speed and blend.


Chocolate Frosting With Shortening