Candy Apple Mix Suppliers

Candy apples are a delicious and festive treat that both kids and adults love. If you plan on making large quantities of candy apples, you will want to find candy apple mix suppliers. They will sell all the supplies you need to make your candy apples.

FRESH APPLES Fresh apples are key to delicious candy apples. You will want to get your apples from a local grocery store to ensure they are of good quality. This will also allow you to examine them for any bruises or blemishes, which you do not want in candy apples.


STICKS Sticks are an important part of candy apples. Not only do they make it easier to dip, but they also make it easier to eat. CANDY MELTS/MIXES Candy melts come in many different flavors including cinnamon, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. There are even specialty mix flavors such as blue raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and grape.

POPCORN SUPPLY Popcorn Supply offers a large variety of candy apple supplies. They offer many different options of melts and mixes, where all you need to do is add water and sugar. They also offer toppings, packaging, and even an apple set that helps the hardening process of candy.


WHOLESALE CANDY APPLES Wholesale Candy Apple supplies offer a wide variety of DIY Apple Kits and mixes. Their kits and mixes come in a large variety of different colors and flavors. WEBSTRAUNTS STORE Webstraunts Store offers a variety of candy apple supplies. They have melts, packaging, sticks, and a large array of toppings for your apples.

TASTY AND FUN WHOLESALE CANDY APPLES Candy apples are a great treat, no matter the occasion. They are a great dessert to serve at parties, as there are so many color and flavor combinations. You can even go crazy with the toppings, as there are so many different ones to choose from including sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, cookie crumbs, and candy.

Candy Apple Mix Suppliers