Calories In Vanilla Extract

Want to know the calories in vanilla extract? Also, is vanilla extract bad for you? For the most part, vanilla is undoubtedly safe when consumed in amounts usually found in desserts. Although, keep in mind that a few individuals are allergic to vanilla.

For starters, does vanilla extract have any calories? Well, of course, it does. And if you are asking how many calories are in a teaspoon of vanilla extract? About twelve calories for one teaspoon of vanilla extract, about 4.2 grams.


Generally, manufacturers create a natural vanilla extract from the vanilla plant’s pods, usually found in tropical locations of the world. In addition to that, people use vanilla extract to flavor beverages and foods.


For most people, vanilla is their favorite ice cream flavor. But, regarding the vanilla extract nutrition info, know that vanilla extract provides more than a delectable taste. The main reason is that vanilla extract’s health benefits are vast.


– Lattes or coffee – Almond butter – Coconut whipped cream – Smoothies – Almond flour pancakes – Roasted fruit – Plain Yogurt – Banana soft serve

Uses Of Vanilla Extract

It can lessen your sugar intake since vanilla has fewer carbohydrates and calories. So with that, it would be best to use vanilla as a sugar alternative because it can undoubtedly prevent high blood glucose levels. Not only that, but also it can help you have a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

Calories In Vanilla Extract