Baking Cheesecake Without Water Bath

Baking cheesecake without a water bath? Is that even possible? How does one possibly bake a cheesecake without a water bath? As a rule of thumb, the more useful a water bath is, the more filling in the pan. Keep in mind that cheesecakes are less than six inches in diameter.

The good thing is that it is indeed possible to create cheesecake without a water bath. However, the final product will not be as great, and it will overbake. Not only that but also it gives lopsided tops, curdled texture, and crack in the surface.

Baking Cheesecake Without Water Bath

Essentially, a water bath is a pan of heated water that surrounds the pan with the cheesecake. In addition to that, it serves as a buffer for heat. As a result, the custard will bake evenly and gently. Likewise, you can refer to a water bath as a bain-marie.


It would be best if you improvised, supposing you do not have a big round cake pan. Or a rectangular roasting pan. Bear in mind that an eight-inched or nine-inched round springform pan will not fit in a 9″ x 13″ pan. So with that, you can purchase a big foil pan to utilize as a water bath.


TIPS ON HOW TO BAKE CHEESECAKE WITHOUT WATER BATH First and foremost, make sure to pour from a kettle. Doing this makes it easier to pour the boiling water into that pan without spilling it. For this reason, ensure to boil the water in a kettle if you have one. 

Baking Cheesecake Without Water Bath