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Wouldn’t it be awesome to make amazing cakes made out of beer cans? Just imagine how exciting it would be to give this cake to your friends. Besides, it would be a thoughtful and creative present for beer lovers in your life. In this regard, a beer cake you made from cans.


Before anything else, gather all your supplies. Then, collect your cans of beer together. 


Keep in mind that the beer’s size will rely on the number of cans you have at hand. That is why it would help to experiment with a small number of beer cans. For example, before advancing to making a bigger beer can cake, it would be best to utilize a twelve-pack. 


After that, make sure to organize the can according to the size and number of layers. Remember, arrange as you want your cake to have. For instance, you can have a three-tiered cake with a twelve-pack. With that, place six cans at the bottom.


Next, ensure to prepare cardboards. Keep in mind that the cardboards will represent each cake layer. In addition to that, it will help support the beer cans.

Remember that you can be the most creative at the top tier of the beer can cake. Also, you can put more ribbons, candies, and streamers on the beer can cake. In addition to that, you can tie a big bow, mount it with a stuffed animal or figurine. Likewise, you can create a small banner. 

Amazing Cakes Made Out Of Beer Cans