Amazing Baby Shower Cakes For Boys

If you are hosting a baby shower, then you will want some inspiration for baby shower cakes for boys. There are many different baby boy cake designs that will make a thoughtful dessert for the expecting mom at her baby shower. Whether you are wanting something simple or more complex, there are several great options to choose from.


Instead of using red food coloring, which is what red velvet cake calls for, you can use blue food coloring. This will give your cake a beautiful bright blue color, great for a boy baby shower.



If you are looking for a fun, popular trend, a woodland forest theme is a great way to go. You can decorate your cake with chocolate buttercream to give it the look of wood or green to give it the look of grass. 



Zoo animals are a timeless option for baby shower cakes. You can use fondant to create different animal prints for each layer. You can do zebra strips for one layer and cheetah spots for another layer.



Nautical is a classy and elegant theme for a baby shower cake. You can frost the cake blue to look like water and use candy molds to make candy shells and fish. You can even use brown sugar to make sand on the cake.


Whether you choose a blue velvet cake or a woodland creature cake, there are many great options for a boy’s baby shower. You can also make cupcakes and cake pops as well. Find out more tips and tricks in the link below.

Amazing Baby Shower Cakes For Boys