Melted Chocolate Too Thick

Melted Chocolate Too Thick

There is nothing greater and sweeter than the taste of chocolate desserts. However, what to do with melted chocolate too thick? Remember, there are certain problems when making desserts with chocolate. And often, something does not go right. Likewise, when melting chocolate, it is usually shiny, smooth, and beautiful. However, there are times that our creamy melted chocolate turns into a dry and clumpy disaster. Additionally, melting chocolate should be easy. But it seems that it may not be as easy as it turned out to be. 

Melted Chocolate Too Thick
Melted Chocolate Too Thick
Melted Chocolate Too Thick

Bear in mind that chocolates are sensitive to heat. For this reason, it can easily overcook and burn. And it could also become hard and too thick. If this happens, do not fret because there are ways to save your chocolate. 

With that, here are several tricks that could help you save that chocolate. So you can enjoy smooth melted chocolate every time if you keep these simple tricks in mind. 

Melted Chocolate - Thick

Chocolate Won’t Melt?

Always keep in mind that chocolates are sensitive to high temperatures. So when melting your chocolate, you must first identify what kind of chocolate you are dealing with. White and milk chocolates have a top-end temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 43.33 degrees Celsius. 

Moreover, never heat the dark varieties of chocolates above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48.89 degrees Celsius. If you heat your chocolates exceeding these temperatures, your chocolates indeed overheat. And they will lose the rich, glossy shine that they intended to become. 

What To Do If The Melting Chocolate In Microwave Got Hard? 

Remember, your melted chocolate will become hard, thick, and have a muddy texture and appearance. The longer it melts at high temperatures, the harder you can save your chocolate. The first step you have to do is to cool it quickly. Remove your pan from the heat to stop the melting processs. Transfer your chocolate to a cool and bowl. After that, try these solutions:

  1. First of all, add more chocolate. Then, stir in a quarter to half a cup of freshly chopped chocolate or buttons to bring the temperature down. After that, constantly stir until the added chocolate dissolves.
  2. Furthermore, if you think that your melted chocolate is still thick and lumpy, add a spoonful of vegetable oil. Afterward, properly stir until it combines entirely.
  3. Likewise, you can strain the mixture using a sieve to remove the lumps. Or you can utilize a hand blender to smoothen your melted chocolate.
  4. Besides that, you can add some hot cream. Then, stir the mixture until it smoothens out. However, adding cream will alter the chocolate’s consistency. And it will not set as it should be. With that, using this technique is great for making ganache, lava cakes, or sauces. 
What To Do If The Melting Chocolate In Microwave Got Hard

Tips For Melted Chocolate Too Thick

Moreover, use small pieces of chocolate like buttons. Likewise, chopping them can prevent your chocolate from overheating. Also, break up bars of chocolate or chunks. Then, cut them into smaller pieces to melt your chocolates quickly and evenly. 

You can also keep the temperature in check by using a candy thermometer. Remember, candy thermometers are sensitive to heat. That is why it is the perfect tool. Additionally, please use small and heatproof bowls to stop cooking further once the chocolate melts. Besides, using a clear glass bowl is an excellent option. 

Lastly, even though you need to cool the chocolate quickly, do not use ice or cold water. In that regard, a small amount of water or steam will cause your chocolates to seize and curdle. As a result, it turns into a grainy texture. 

Melted Chocolate Too Thick: Seized Chocolate 

Before anything else, chocolates can seize. Bear in mind that chocolate is a solid mixture. Usually made from basic ingredients. In that regard, it includes cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar. 

Moreover, some consist of milk solids, flavorings, and even preservatives. Besides, mixing dry particles from pure ingredients. For instance, raw cacao and sugar with fat from the cocoa butter and milk solids are compatible or cohesive. As a result, it turns into a glossy and smooth texture of melted chocolates. 

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Additionally, you cannot introduce melted chocolate with the smallest amount of water. With that, a drop or two can be enough for the dry particles to react and attract moisture. Likewise, they tend to stick together. 

What To Do With Seized Chocolate? 

In addition to that, they will form a rough and grainy texture in your chocolate mixture. Because of that, the reaction is what you can observe when your melted chocolate seizes. So with that, these are some ways to save your seized melted chocolate.

  1. First and foremost, you can add a little extra fat to save your melted chocolate. Here are some great options; vegetable oil, clarified butter, and cocoa butter. In addition to that, you can use ghee and coconut oil. 
  2. If the melted chocolate is still grainy, strain it slowly through a sieve. 
  3. Moreover, to prevent your chocolate from seizing, make sure it won’t come in contact with water. If you intend to use a double boiler, make sure to keep the water below a boil. Likewise, ensure to turn down the heat of your stove. Ensure to do this when you are about to place your chocolate on top of it. With that, the technique will prevent any water from splashing into your melted chocolate. And it also reduces the amount of steam. Bear in mind that steam can also cause seizing.

Melted Chocolate Too Thick: Tips For Seized Chocolate

Furthermore, please avoid using wooden utensils in stirring your melted chocolate. The main reason is that wooden utensils can retain water. In addition to that, it can alter the mixture. Also, make sure to dry all your utensils like; bowls, pans, and whisks.

Additionally, wipe the bottom of your bowl when melting the chocolate from the double boiler. In addition to that, wipe the bottom to remove any water. Also, please do not place a cover on top. The main reason is that it may cause condensation. Likewise, keep in mind that water can drip into the melted chocolate. 

Also, if you want to use a microwave to melt your chocolate, use a heatproof bowl. After that, set the temperature to low. With that, top and stir the mixture frequently. Then, remove the bowl from the microwave as soon as the last bits of chocolate is about to melt.</spa

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