Can You Eat a Gingerbread House: Best Kept Secrets

can you eat a gingerbread house

Making gingerbread houses has been a long-time tradition, but lately, more people have been wondering, “can you eat a gingerbread house?” While it may seem like a silly question, you …

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Forgot Salt in Bread? Best Tips and Fixes

forgot salt in bread

“I forgot salt in bread, can I save it?”, is a question you may currently be asking yourself. Don’t panic, you won’t need to start all over again, we’re about …

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Cake Flour For Cookies: Our Tips for Best Cookies

cake flour for cookies

From chocolate chip to sugar, you can’t beat freshly baked cookies. There are many different recipes and variations when it comes to making cookies. One variation involves using cake flour …

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Can You Over Knead Bread? How to Tell and Best Tips

can you over knead bread

Can you over-knead bread? Yes, there will be times when you have over-kneaded your dough. That is why you must know how to correct it. Also, you should see the …

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Why Didn’t My Cake Rise? 5 Reasons and Best Ways to Fix

why didn't my cake rise

Nothing is worse when you are baking than pulling your cake out of the oven only to find out it’s flat. This will lead you to wonder, why didn’t my …

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Why Are My Cookies Not Spreading: The Best Tips for Cookies

why are my cookies not spreading

Wondering why are my cookies not spreading. It’s hard to beat freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven. However, if your cookies don’t spread they can lose their delicious …

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How to Store Uncooked Meringue Mixture: 2 Easy Methods

how to store uncooked meringue mixture

Unfortunately, meringues are very delicate. Even an uncooked mixture isn’t shelf-stable. Today, we look at how to store uncooked meringue mixture, in the best way. We have developed techniques that …

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How to Make Meringue Without Cream Of Tartar: 6 Recipes

how to make meringue without cream of tartar

Learning how to make meringue without cream of tartar is a great way to make a delicious recipe. Also, they are beautiful white cookies that look like puffy white stars. …

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Wedding Cake Recipes from Cake Boss: Mouth-Watering Cakes

wedding cake recipes from cake boss

The Cake Boss is famous for making tasty, elaborate cakes. These delicious wedding cake recipes from Cake Boss are sure to be a hit at any event. They are moist …

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Does Buttermilk Have Lactose? Best Buttermilk Substitutes

does buttermilk have lactose

Buttermilk is an amazing ingredient that has a multitude of functions! But, does buttermilk have lactose? And, what are the best substitutes? We always prefer having regular everyday substitutions and …

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Does Meringue Powder Expire? Shelf Life and Best Brands

does meringue powder expire

And the million-dollar question here is… does meringue powder expire? We’ve got the answer for you. You’ll see, meringue powder needs special care although it is a non-perishable product. Indeed, …

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Where to Buy Lecithin for Baking: The Best 10 Stores

where to buy lecithin for baking

Lecithin is not an everyday ingredient bakers use, so it can be tricky to find. You will want to know where to buy lecithin for baking if you ever have …

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Cake Serving Size Chart: Best Wedding & Party Serving Sizes

cake serving size chart

The cake’s flavors and designs are essential components in making cakes for events. However, a cake serving size chart is fundamental to consider. In essence, a cake is crucial for …

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Make Your Own Chocolate Transfer Sheets: How-To

make your own chocolate transfer sheets

Looking to take your desserts up a notch? Want to add some unique and incredible decorations to your desserts? If so, you will want to know how to make your …

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What Colors Make Black Frosting: Making Pitch Black Icing

what colors make black frosting

What colors make black frosting? You need three parts of red food coloring; 2.5 parts of green food coloring and 1 part of blue food coloring. All you got to …

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Melted Chocolate Too Thick: Methods for Thinning Out Chocolate

melted chocolate too thick

There is nothing greater and sweeter than the taste of chocolate desserts. However, what to do with melted chocolate too thick? Remember, there are certain problems when making desserts with …

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What to Write on Bridal Shower Cake: Best Wordings & Sayings

what to write on bridal shower cake

Looking for different ways on what to write on bridal shower cakes? You can choose from classic to traditional, that never go out of style. Essentially, bridal shower cakes are …

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How Long Does Cream Cheese Frosting Last: Best Storage Tips

how long does cream cheese frosting last

How long does cream cheese frosting last and does it need to be refrigerated? The answer is indeed a yes; let’s take a closer look. In addition to that, you …

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How Much Salt is in a Stick of Butter? A Salty Secret

how much salt is in a stick of butter

If you do a lot of baking and cooking, you’ll know that butter is an important ingredient to have on hand. You can buy both salted and unsalted butter. If …

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Bavarian Cream Filling for Wedding Cakes: Simple & Delicious

bavarian cream filling for wedding cake

Want an amazing Bavarian cream filling for wedding cakes? Just imagine a rich chocolate cake filled with sweet Bavarian cream. Not only that but topped with a luscious chocolate ganache. …

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Does Whipped Icing Need to be Refrigerated? The How-To’s

does whipped icing need to be refrigerated

Does whipped icing need to be refrigerated? Of course, refrigeration is a must since there is heavy whipping cream in it. With that, store your unused whipped cream in the …

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How to Fix Sticky Hard Candy: Tips, Tricks and Easy Fixes

how to fix sticky hard candy

Do you want to know how to fix sticky hard candy? Remember that water, even the smallest amount, can result in a gooey mess. Though, you may think that it …

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