The Best Baby Shower Cake Ideas – The Ultimate Guideline

Last Updated on February 21, 2022

If you’re looking for baby shower cake ideas, then we’ve got you covered! Our guide will help you narrow down your perfect cake for this special day!

This monumental day should be forever remembered. And naturally, the cake is a big part of it! We have put out some starting points for you to look at that will help you decide what your baby shower cake should be and symbolize. So, let’s get started!

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

When it comes to baby shower ideas, more often than not, all tricks are pulled out of the hat! It is a day filled with loved ones to celebrate the joy to come! And, the baby shower cake especially is an opportunity to be as creative and fun as you want! You can even include a surprise or two!

But, where do you even start looking at ideas, let alone choose one! We have compiled a list of some incredibly easy and unique baby shower cake ideas you can use and routes you can go. And, you can even combine some of these! At the very least, these ideas will help get the ball rolling!

Gender reveal cake

We have all seen this trend booming online! And, despite it usually being done prior to the baby shower, today more and more people are having the reveal at the actual shower! This is a fun activity that you can even turn into a guessing game!

And, making this cake is extremely easy! All you have to do is have the baker color the cake batter with food coloring. That’s it! And, if you don’t believe in traditional pink and blue assignments of color to gender, you can make your own! Just make sure your guests know which is which!

Themed cakes

If you already know the gender of your baby, or you simply love a specific neutral baby theme (like forest animals or Winnie the Poo), you can create a beautiful themed cake.

Now, these cakes can be anything that you like! You can make them as simple or elaborate as you want!

How Do You Make A Boy Baby Shower Cake? Or Girl Baby Shower Cake?

It is very easy to customize any cake according to the gender of the baby. By literally only changing the color to blue or pink, you can translate the gender of your baby instantly!

And, if you don’t believe in the color assignment to gender, you can also use symbols to bring across a boy or girl theme. This can be flowers, trucks, sports, music, and virtually anything else.

Buttercream cakes

Buttercream is a very easy way to beautifully decorate your cake. And, you can even add more flavor to it so that your cakes’ flavor is enhanced! Buttercream is also easy to color, making it easier to convey your specific theme or color scheme.

And, there are a ton of different decorating techniques you can make using only buttercream. You can have a look at this video for some fun ideas.

Now, with buttercream decorated cakes, you can create a rustic naked cake or a fully covered frosted cake. Naturally, this will also help convey your theme!

Fondant-decorated cakes

We love fondant cakes! Using fondant is an easy and extremely effective way to create a themed baby shower cake. You can again, make a simple or very elaborate cake.

What makes fondant so great is that you can create beautiful figurines and lettering. The possibilities are literally endless!

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How To Make A Diaper Cake?

A diaper cake is an extremely fun cake to make! What makes it even better is when your friends make it and in that way, contribute gifts and especially diapers.

Now first, a diaper cake can be a diaper-shaped cake made from sponge cake. However, the diaper cake we are talking about here refers to a “cake” made from actual diapers and filled with other baby-related gifts.

What you will need to make a diaper cake:

  • Diapers
  • Rubber bands
  • Baby gifts
  • Ribbon

How to make this diaper cake?

First, roll the diapers and secure each with a rubber band. Make sure they aren’t loose – they should be tight so that the “cake” has a great shape.

Next, you can start creating layers. To do this, simply place a gift or two on a cake board. Then, surround the gifts with your rolled diapers until you have a circle. Finally, tie together all of the diapers with a ribbon. This will help keep the layer.

Then, you can create more layers that are decreasing in size. Repeat the steps mentioned above and create as many layers as you’d like.

A Little Butterfly is on Her Way Cake Topper

What To Write On Baby Shower Cake Ideas?

If you decide to go with a more simplistic cake or you simply want to include a beautiful message on it, here are a few routes you can go.

First, you can of course use traditional phrases like “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”. Something along those lines.

But, you can also personalize it a lot. One of the baby showers we have recently been to had a cake with a beautiful poem written on it. This way the baby will one day be able to look back at a message, especially for them.

Then, you can of course go the funny route. We have seen things from “Baby shower cake sayings” to “No more sleep”. Whatever you choose, just remember that it should always stay respectful and tasteful.

What Much Does A Baby Shower Cake Cost?

The price of a cake for your baby shower will be similar to any other type of cake. There are many factors that will influence the price. If you are making any type of large or detailed cake, you can be sure that the price will increase.

This counts for any writing done on the cake, complex cake flavors used, fondant decorations – virtually anything that is more than plainly buttercream frosted cake.

So, you can prepare yourself for anything between $40 to $200. However, it can go up into the thousands if you are want something extravagant!

Conclusion – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Let us know what your favorite baby shower cake ideas are! And, if you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments below!

How do you make a boy baby shower cake


What to write on baby shower cake ideas?

You can go many routes here. You can use traditional sayings, write beautiful poems to your baby, or use funny sayings. Whichever you choose, always make sure it is tasteful and applicable to the family.

How do you make a boy baby shower cake?

Making either a boy-themed or girl-themed cake is very easy. The best way to convey gender is to use traditional colors such as pink and blue. Besides using color, you can also use gender-associated themes like sports and ballet, flowers and cars. Of course, today these themes are more fluid, but you can still use them if you're comfortable with it.

How much does a baby shower cake cost?

Baby shower cake prices are entirely dependent on what elaborate they are and their size. They can easily range between $40 to thousands! Naturally, bigger cakes will cost more as well as elaborate cakes. Furthermore, fondant cakes are generally more expensive than buttercream decorated cakes.

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